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Discover, explore, experience  Scorpius Forge The Scorpius Forge Gmbh is a young company that is currently working on the conception, development and realisation of a new game generation for mobile end devices (smartphones, tablets).

The start-up Scorpius Forge from Blaustein near Ulm combines play fun and learning with the help of apps. The company developed a 3D world specially configured for smartphones and tablet PCs for the series Evolution which fascinates across generations and lets you dive into the life of foreign cultures in times long gone.

The combination of historical developments with a play experience

The market for mobile games is growing strongly. Approaches to games up to now have tried to galvanize above all children and young people with garish colours and pictures which are as abstract as possible. Evolution breaks away nicely from this with its elaborate and natural composition and elegantly and unobtrusively combines the play experience with learning content. Historic content and wonders of nature which are closely oriented to historical models are imparted true-to-detail during the course of the game.

The first game in the Evolution series, "Native Americans" is about the real way of life of the Lakota Sioux Indian tribe in North America. The character starts as a six-year-old child and grows up in a tribal society. All the important livelihood skills are learnt here: fishing, riding, gathering and finally hunting. The child growing up to an adult comes about with one hour's playing time converting to one year of living.

Instead of fiction: nature and culture as the game's foundation

The representation of the impressive North American wonders of nature in "Native Americans" reflects the actual North American Indians" living environment as far as is technically possible. Likewise authors are working on incorporating the Lakota tribal culture into the game. Thus the character reaches adulthood only after successful tests of courage and an initiation ritual. Only after that can e.g. the vital hunt for buffalo begin.

Scorpius Forge is a start-up near Ulm in Germay specialising in the development of mobile games with a design which is close to nature.

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Native Americans achieves continuity as the player can give his character's knowledge to following generations after his death, as long as he has made an effort to ensure the survival of his family. Thus experience is generated within the game which the characters mutually profit from.

The Native Americans" culture is all encompassingly presented and connected to the gaming possibilities of the mobile device. The historic presentation firmly establishes itself away from a dry school subject to an engrossing play experience, which incorporates the rituals, hunt, diet and many other aspects of Native American life. "Native Americans" is in its dependence on real life and through its arrangement in different levels through the character's life significantly more complex than a large majority of mobile games.

Scorpus Forge

Scorpius Forge has made it its job to develop mobile games with historical backgrounds. The company shows that both game graphics and content can be thought through. The learning effect comes about by itself through the play fun, which above all benefits the young generation and corresponds to a modern way of learning with the help of new media.

The focus was placed by the company's founders from the start on the most commercially successful platforms. The first game series "EVOLUTION" is presently being implemented by 22 specialists on the iOS platform for the Apple products iPhone, iPad and iPod. The team members work purely on a revenue share basis on successful sales, the company is (mainly for necessary software licences and equipment) solely self-financed.

Scorpius-Forge heralded the start of a new games era for the 2012 Christmas business with "Evolution: Indian Hunter". This extract from "Native Americans" leads the player into the magic of the hunt.

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Article published on 16.07.2012

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