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Inexpensive translations at translation agency »Globale-Kommunikation« Munich


International cooperating does not have to be a question of payment. Abiding this policy the translation agency »Globale Kommunikation« located at Munich also offers qualified labor in small communication projects. Speed, affordability and QSD- or respectively EUATC-certified qualities of the translations are requirements which the translation team meets through internal controls, without adding the costs of the extra work to its customers.

Translations are a so called »invisible« service and so work and results are hard to appraise in Euro. Therefore, an experienced medical expert translator is faster and more precise in a medical essay, whereas in a – apparently easy – belletristic translation he simply is overextended. For this reason »Globale-Kommunikation« Munich employs expert translators of all occupations. Only by this, translations without the loss of meaning and transcription errors are possible.

Expert translation does not only mean sense preservation. It also adds certain special aspects of the target language, usage of country typical idioms and wanted quality of language. From colloquial language over business accepted to scientific native speaker with corresponding education and a passion for their language and specific area »Globale Kommunikation« München counsels customers which are - in terms of the project - the  idiomatic »perfect match« . Lectors with the same enthusiasm check the results so that in the end of every subject translation a perfect solution is achieved. This all comes at a certain cost. A qualified translation needs time to get accustomed to the matter of the subject, time for the best choice of words, time for corrections.

The keyword to offer all these factors inexpensively is »customer-friendly calculations«. Cooperated intern evaluation tools of »Globale-Kommunikation« Munich scan every original and target text for revealingly used translations. Therefore, every customer pays for every word only once instead of maybe fifty times or more. In subject papers of often more than several thousand words there is a huge difference in price! For the exchange of the order and delivery most of the time e-mail is used as the communication method. In case of urgency, day-to-day deliveries are possible which only adds costs for express service but no further costs for postage and packing.

Additionally, the set of the team of translators is unique. Internal translators are available for almost every target language and in as many specific areas. Every one of them is trained to react flexibly on changes due to time and even work on uncommon project requirements in cases of urgency independently instead of staying in rigid translation patterns. His assigned lector does not only check on spelling, grammar and topic relevance, but is also involved with the customer communication from the beginning. So »Globale-Kommunikation« Munich is able to assure customer-friendly pricing and also project relevant working, and also in emergency conducts that in the ongoing translation process changes in favor to the project loyalty can be made.

»Globale-Kommunikation« Munich is, besides the mentioned certificates, a member of the ata - the »American Translator Association«. For this since 1959 existing Association for supporting international translation services of all occupations only the best qualified services can apply.

Which multilingual service in language and test does the innovative translation team from Munich also offer? More details about the firm policy and contact information you can find at:

Firm: »Globale-Kommunikation« Munich

Address: Terofalstr.103, 80689 München

Telephone: 0049-089-72609739

E-mail:  email@autor.cap

Homepage: [1]

Contact: Dr. Nardina Alongi (CEO)



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Article published on 23.07.2012

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