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Leading European CSP has deployed real-time convergent billing system


Consolidated billing infrastructure unlocks millions of additional revenues

Paderborn (Germany), 03 August 2010: , announces that one of Europe's leading communication service providers has deployed Orga Systems" real-time charging and billing platform OPSC Gold. Full convergent rating and charging consolidates the CSP's billing infrastructure and enables the first real convergent family offer. Reducing revenue leakage to almost "zero" has unlocked millions of additional revenue.

Capitalize on additional advantages of convergent real-time solution

Matching all requirements for real-time performance, convergence support and scalability made Orga Systems" OPSC Gold the first choice. The deployment of OPSC Gold enabled real-time interaction with all post-paid subscribers who use data services bundles. With instant notifications, a new and compelling customer experience was delivered to the subscribers. To focus on new and profitable customer segments, the first truly convergent offer in the market addresses the family segment. Using the concept of shared balances in OPSC Gold, free minutes and SMS bundles were available to any family member. This innovative offering has successfully increased usage and attracts new subscribers.

Revenue leakage reduced to less than 0.005%

Migrating more than one thousand post-paid tariffs to this new rating platform in less than 6 months showed immediate results, too. Wrong bills, customer refunds and calls to the customer care centers were reduced drastically. Revenue loss in the post-paid segment decreased from about 7% to less than 0.005%, generating savings of millions of Euros each month. With the deployment of OPSC Gold, a positive return on invest was achieved in months, and not in years.




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Article published on 03.08.2010

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